Dear Society

o-campus-sexual-assault-facebookDear Society,

I have a favor to ask you. Please stop! Stop making sex taboo. Stop comparing girls to a $20 bill by teaching them that girls are crisp $20 bills until they have sex. They still have value they are just not wanted as much as the crisp one. We are priceless daughters of God with eternal worth we are worth much more than any money amount! Virgin or not! Why am I so passionate about this? Because I was sexually assaulted! I know  should know that this isn’t my fault, I am still a virgin and all that crap, but, I feel like that crumpled $ 2o bill. When I was younger I was more afraid of sex than I was of death. I told myself that if I were ever in the situation. To just kill myself because at least then I would be a crisp new bill. This is NOT okay. This mindset is tearing me apart. I am scared to tell anyone because I do not want people to look at me with disapproving glances.

I shouldn’t be hiding! I shouldn’t live in a society where I as a victim have to be scared that one day the secret will come out. He is the one who should be hiding! He is the one who said it was okay because I “was on drugs”. That is not okay! I will not give him the pleasure of making me feel this way.

I do not want to hide anymore!


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